Christ the Center: Meditation Two


It’s not a far walk to go from Jesus’ own self references as the “vine” and elsewhere as “the life” to see how this works out in Paul’s letters in very organic terms.

We also have John’s statement in his first letter that “he who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son does not have life.”

The fact is, every “book” of the New Testament presupposes that the life of believers are sustained in some kind of vital union with the risen Jesus.  While the term “Christian” is scant in the biblical record (and most often used disparagingly) the term “in Christ” is constant, actually regular. Thus, when Paul talks about himself in the third person in his second letter to the Corinthians, he does not say “after I became a Christian” but rather, “I know a man in Christ…”

At the end of his letter to the Romans, Paul naturally refers to a catalog of believers designating them as being “in Christ” or “in the Lord” – in some kind of vital union that places them “in Him”.

Jesus attempts to explain this relationship  as recorded in the 15th chapter of John’s gospel. Those who “abide in the vine” experience the life of the vine and bear much fruit. Apart from such an organic and vital union, Christ says “they can do nothing.”

It is in this viral union “in Christ” that believers should understand themselves. having no permanent life of their own, but rather having  their faith in the crucified and resurrected One and His love and grace they find themselves mystically “one” with Him or perhaps “found in Him.”

A poem  for your reflection:


We story down tale by tale

Image by image

Until we are

What we have only always been

Undone, empty, naked

and lost.

It is a terrifying moment

Unending and sustaining

Lost and all our images burned

Our tale not so interesting

Our isolation seemingly


But Dear One

When you are Lost

And the fire smolders out

Leaving only your quiet empty lot

The only movement the Wind blowing

Some rag tag papers in a scatter

Then may come the quiet Word of One

Who Loves and Seeks the Lost.

Now you can be found.

Wait now

Wait in the silence

of your vacant lot to be found

He is not afar.

When He comes

You will know your life

Was always isolation

Always lostness and a howl

But now in Him

Finding and being found,

And someday soon the Oneness

You have been seeking

In all the wrong places

Will find and embrace you

And you alone.

And you alone.


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