Matters of the Head and Heart

alabasterPeople often say they “love Jesus”. I do, when pressed. Why pressed? Well because I’d rather it be shown by my love for people. Words are so easy…real love that is gift-love is not so.

St. John, writing late in his life said “let us not love is word and thought, but in deed and truth.”

Or was it James? I cannot remember.

If  it was James…boy that’s a tough life…the physical brother of the Son of God? I wanna say that his brother always had the right answer, but that’s not it at all. It was just that his brother loved him beyond any brotherly love one can imagine.

Okay…now I have to find out which of them it was. (you would think this was in The Grand Book blog).

Okay it was John (letter 1, chapter 3). John spends a great deal in that letter talking about both Love and God. He is very logical. “if you say you love God but hate your brother you are a liar.” Sounds logical to me.

Love for Jesus is, among other things,  an emotion to be sure. I think often in worship there are those times when most everything fades away and you are just singing to Him. You kind of “lose” yourself not in a weird way, but in later reflection, a “gosh I was not thinking about ME anymore” kinda way.  Really a breath of fresh air and love.

We do worship with head and heart. Tomorrow I will take you on a journey of discovery I did on Luke 7. It is the story of the woman who came to Simon the Pharisees’  house and broke the expensive alabaster vial of perfume and anointed the feet of Jesus with her hair and the costly perfume in front of the whole gathering.

I explored the passage with my head including not just textual study, but also in depth study of ancient perfumes, alabaster vials, the seating arrangements of dignitary’s houses and how the whole dinner would have been conducted, including the possible menu. I did all that with my head. Took 25 hours of study in various libraries and in my own (which is pretty decent on biblical language).

What I did not expect was what I found, and how what I found with my head informed and emblazoned my heart.

C.S. Lewis long ago remarked that all good theology should result in worship. Tomorrow, I will share just how it did!


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