Easter prayer

Holy Father, giver of Life and Resurrector of new Life in Your glorious Son we have no adequate words to thank you for Your love, Your mercy, Your care and the certainty that your very nature ensures.

Yet, you have given us the gift of naming all the animals, including the ones inside ourselves, so we confess our sins of self-creation to You, our True Creator and ask your forgiveness now naming only The Name of Your Son as absolution.

It is He in Whom You delight and yet these past few days, that we commemorate his death, he was lost to us all for Love’s sake. Forgive us our blaming and shameful attempts to shift blood-guiltiness from ourselves to You; yet in Your mercy you do accept even that in Your Son taking upon Yourself the sins of the world from Adam to this very moment in us.

We praise you Lord not as the Religious do sidestepping their depravity but instead knowing as much of it as we can stand so your love and redemption can be seen all the clearer.

This day is but a symbol often misunderstood even by we who believe. Forgive us for our stupidity in seeing it merely as a “golden ticket” into your chocolate factory when it is instead an invitation to dine and live with you daily as sons and daughters in new life.

Forgive our arrogance and pride for Your Name’s sake.

Glorious Christ, Who even those who do not believe revere, we ask you to teach us today of your glory by the Holy Spirit and animate our hearts with your very own presence. Let us walk in the power of Your Resurrection and Your newness of life today Risen Christ!

Help us to walk in this newness of resurrected life with renewed strength, compassion, wisdom, care and gentleness. Help us to love Life the way you do and to turn from all ways of death-dealing.

You are the Living One in Whom, through Whom, and for Whom all of Life is. Grant that we make walk in newness of life today, free in your Holy Spirit to love and to worship.



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