Death, Jesus & The Hidden Life


“Inlet Surf at Bolinas” Christopher MacDonald

When a man feels he is dying…legitimately or otherwise…he cries out to God and to Woman.

But as Hemingway says, every story if told to it’s completion ends in death. It does not end in Woman. I’m not gonna bother proving the point that is so obvious. Turn on your TV to our death denying woman-using culture.

Let’s move on.


A close friend noted an NPR program with Richard Dawkins. You’ll perhaps excuse me, or maybe not, but listening to Dawkins the phrase “pathological prickery” came to mind. That’s a King James biblical term by the way. Jesus complained to Saul when he knocked him of his camel in Acts 9 and 26 “Saul, why persecutest thou me? it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” Anyway, Saul in that state reminds me of Dawkins…muddy thinking, bad exegesis and pompous prickery to boot.

As usual, Dawkins tried to make Jesus look plastic, dead and safe. Good luck with that, ultimately.

So I guess it’s really more like “Why is Dawkins kicking against the pricks?” which apparently is like just slamming the front end of your boots over and over again into the butt-end of a retaining wall until your feet are like pulp. It’s like trying to give up drinking on your on your own or like being a Cubs fan with a World Series obsession.

Again, good luck with that.

Let me turn his dime. Your very existence is patterned in the Word Richard: Jesus Himself. You were created in, through and ultimately for Him. He is the pattern you have been searching for your whole life. Dawkins, you are patterned in Christ.

Hidden life.

The spiritual life is a “hidden life”. In insane moments we know this and in quiet ones too. You sense this in others who choose love and faith and hope against all odds. Despite all the outward dramas we all pretty much suspect the surface life is futile for the most part: artifice and appearance.

It’s not easy to find our feet through the “blind surf of events”…to find the “stone levels” which lay beneath*. But search we do.

And If you do, you are correct. Paul says “you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is our life is revealed you will also be revealed with Him in glory.”

Now that is very simple. It is like the man or woman who Jesus says builds their foundation upon the rock and not shifting sand. Their house looks exactly like all the other houses. But when the torrent of rain comes relentlessly pounding it remains solid and immoveable.

When Christ is revealed then your “hidden” life with Him will be revealed with Him in glory.

Death is real. Jesus is Risen. We live a “hidden life” that will not be fully revealed until He is revealed in glory.

Live that life today with Him.


*William Everson


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