Jesus: My Imaginary Friend


I write for a general audience. Basically I think of my Facebook friends, which is a very wide gamut. If you ever got them all in one room together it would be a bloodbath even though they are great people. Still, I’d probably pay to see it.

I’m kidding about the bloodbath. Probably the best thing about all of them is that they are smart, opinionated and essentially non-violent.

Not a few of them cannot figure out my connection to Jesus. They scratch their heads because they know I am highly educated, rational,  scientific and immersed in the Arts. To them Jesus is just my imaginary friend, which is cool and odd at the same time.

It’s odd because I do have a relationship with Him every bit as real as my relationship with Scott Mitchell, my best friend of 40 years, who they also have never seen, touched or met face to face. Yet when I talk of Scott I don’t feel I have to be as careful about how I speak.

But cool, because Jesus is a much bigger deal than Scott Mitchell (even his wife would admit this and she is pretty keen on him).

So I write this blog knowing that any of my friends might read it. Many who have experiential day-to-day knowledge of him like my girlfriend Molly, or perhaps you, a reader I have never met; but a friend I have known for ten years and experienced much with may view  this Jesus I know as only a possible historical figure…or just my imaginary friend.

This is not true of religions, or even Christianity if you make it just a “religion” – the outward form. You cannot speak today with Buddha, or Mohammed, or any other religious leader now dead. Only Jesus rose after death and is available now for  conversation. How does this work? Well, His Spirit is what enables communication via prayer. That is all I know. It’s not very scientific, you simply have to do it like any conversation and you get better at it with time (although the first time I did so back in 1975 it was no different than the times it goes well now…which is a clue).

The reality, IMO, is that if anyone can be called “imaginary” it is  me. God is not imaginary and neither is Jesus or the Spirit.

Those times when we have a moment of clarity and we feel very fragile and ephemeral? They don’t call that clarity for nothing.


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