Let’s Set Nietzsche Straight….









Or us..really. He was a fine thinker and despite the fact he get’s trotted out as some “Enemy” of Christianity that is not really true. No. He once accurately described the “cross of Christ” as the “trabsvaluation of all ideals.

Bingo. I mean he meant it a slam I say…yeah..so what’s next?

Brother Johnny wrote today about Hipsters still clanging the “God is Dead” thing around. Well God is as dead as you kill Him.

But He gets up.

And that is the end of the famous quote “..and we have killed Him.”

I mean we have – which is why so much hate, havoc and usury is rampant instead of faith hope and love.

When Nietzsche died – they found him in a cold cabin alone. He had bits of paper sewed into his coat. They said “the crucified one”” over and over.

An intellect just a notch or two below the staggering Kierkegaard – still impressive. But in the end thinking it was like math.

My Ex used to glibbly refer to Nietszche – like that could top a train  – or Jung. Children – brats really (smart ones – but still).

The real Exploer doesn’t ask for Truth on HIS terms and under HIS control. That is nonsense

And he ends up dead in the snow half-mad.


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