facebooksquareThe word “Azotus” comes solely from a story in the Books of Acts. In that story, the Ethiopian eunuch is in the desert on his way home utterly unsatisfied on his quest to find God. He is reading Isaiah 53 when Philip comes trotting up and asks this sincere man if he understands what he is reading. He takes no offense. Instead he invites Philip to ride with him and to explain.

Conversion happens shortly thereafter at the Ethiopians requests but when he comes up out of the water Philip is “spirited away” to Azotus. Literally, it is as if he has  been “beamed” to that city.

It’s a funny passage. At the time I was looking for biblical narratives that helped understand or speak to our postmodern context. That would does well.

The Philosophy of Azotus

When Philip landed in Azotus it was missional and we know Philip knew how to be personal.

We live in an era of impersonal “big-ness” and “plug-n-play” Christian programs and  Christendom in America is about Consumerism which has become our dominant religion. It’s the Trojan Horse in the American Church.

Mac (Christopher C. MacDonald)

Azotusman133rI am not interested in self-promotion or commercialism at all. I am interested Christ’s glory shining bright and in His people growing and becoming mature in Christ. The one leads directly to that core objective.

I am interested in equipping and training men and women in how to read and study the Word of God so they can grow and explore. This second thing leads directly to that same core objective.

It is not rocket science.

I am interested in working closely with Biblical exploration groups of 20 to 40 people; or with larger groups then breaking those down into smaller groups and facilitating overall Biblical education, Theological education (on main devotional content areas like Christology), or Apologetics through weekly studies or weekend retreats or seminars.

If this is what your church has been looking and praying for then simply give me a call or use the contact form on this page and I will reply in short order. I will help even if it is just in offering diection in what resources may be helpful.

I have two professional resumes online. I have been quite successful as an Internet Content Producer/Writer and Creator, but I also have one for my work as Theologian/Writer/Leader/Teacher. Both are at

You will probably easily see the crossover. Both are service and content-oriented, and require real vision and creativity. It’s just this is a calling that requires quite a bit more (grins).

Grace and peace,


Christopher C. MacDonald



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