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You cannot be serious ALL the time.

One of the places American Evangelicalism really got it right was in “good news” youth. They stopped shaming them and threatening them and started to have fun with them and even clown.

There is a wonderful element of humility where comedy is concerned and the Doghouse is meant to keep a lot of that alive. Fiction, farce, essays, poems and art are meant to playfully explore aspect of faith and living in a pretty dangerous world.

SPOKE and WROTE are serious business. It’s not that there aren’t funny moment, just not generally. The Doghouse starts with everyone in it.

It’s progenitors are The Door, SCTV, farcical writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Woody Allen, Hunter Thompson…you know, good mainstream Bible thumpers. Others include Anne Lamott, Walker Percy, Brennan Manning, Frederick Beuchner and the Blue Like Jazz guy whose name I can never remember for the life of me.

Remember…it’s fiction and make believe; or it’s a joke. No one died or was hurt. The only things hurt were bad ideas, or I just made an idiot of myself, in which case you can point that out and I’ll print that out in BIG LETTERS.

It’s okay…really.

It’s going to be okay

(I really wish I could pipe in some cool soundtrack music while you were reading this like “Lay Your Head Down” by Keren Ann so while you were reading “It’s going to be okay” it would be like the end of a movie and end just right…)

But I can’t do that. So you’ll have to load that up on Spotify.

But don’t you see why the Doghouse needs to exist? Because I LOVE doing SPOKE and WROTE and then coming and doing classes but I am a humorist and writer at heart and…well, you’ll see…



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