wrote2AzlogoWROTE is about making Biblical education and scholarship available to regular people. It is also about providing tools for study; an open forum for questions and a resource for your church or stidy group if you want to go deeper.

One of the core issues is “Hermeneutics” which simply “the science of interpretation”. It is of interest to both believers and unbelievers alike (and will be presented as such) as much of the debate that goes on seems to be drawn finally to this issue one way or the other.


These are companion sites meant to openly explore two core, but largely ignored, areas of life in Christ. The first (SPOKE) is simply about the Living and Risen Jesus who alone is the Center. It is telling that. right this minute, something as simple as my spellchecker does not recognize the word “christocentric” (it is underlined in red right now).

Christian theology, based in core passages of the Bible, asserts that the universe is Christ-centered. That Creation was made in Christ, through Christ and for Christ (John 1; Heb. 1; Col. 1). Yet on a popular level this is unknown.

“Ethnocentric”? Yes. “Anthropocentric”? Those are fine. Therein lays a real problem in miniature.


It seems the early Christians were pretty sure Jesus’ return was any day now (sounds familiar) so nobody was in any hurry to write things down.

Most of the New Testament books that come first date wise are from Paul who is giving instructions to infant Gentile churches. Only later, when eye-witnesses to the events start to die or be killed off, did it become a priority to get things written down for the future.

It is here that people get derailed in age-old controversies on biblical inerrancy, authority etc. Feel free to do that elsewhere. I’m a text-guy and WROTE is for studying what has been written. We go where the text goes come what may.

WROTE is about getting to it.

There will be studies that demonstrate how to do biblical exegesis. They are hands-on examples and YES, make comments, ask questions. Do you like the classes? Schedule to have them at your church as a lively group exploration!

Christopher C. “Mac” MacDonald

I’m responsible for all four sites and their content: SPOKE, WROTE, Azotusarts.com and The Doghouse.

I’m a writer, theologian and teacher. But I’m not here to sell you on me. The passion of my life is Christ and study of the texts of the Old and New Testaments. That spills over quite naturally into the Arts and, of course, in informs and guides all of my theology as well.

Christ said “If you have seen Me you have seen the Father.” So it is in seeing Christ that we see God most clearly and we also see our own truest picture of humanity. Doesn’t it make sense that we would spend some real time studying who He really is and also communing with Him?

Christ is the Center.  Allow Christ to be the Center of your biblical education efforts, then give your people a toolbox for unpacking scripture and exploring it together.

I am here to help.  My websites are free. My studies on them and any podcasts and resources I manage upload are also yours. If you want a series at your church then you can make arrangements to provide a fair teacher’s fee. Weekly series usually run 4-6 weeks and include time during the week to field class questions online.  Weekend seminars also available.


Christopher MacDonald




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